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A más cosechas, más enfermedades? / Melba Gomes
Gomes, Melba ( 1998 )
L' action antipaludique en Grèce après la guerre et ses résultats evalués sur la base de données epidemiologiques G. A. Livadas, G. Belios
Livadas, G. A; Belios, G; WHO Expert Committee on Malaria ( 1948 )
Age determination of some anopheline mosquitos by daily growth layers of skeletal apodemes by Y. Schlein, N. G. Gratz
Schlein, Y; Gratz, N. G; World Health Organization ( 1973 )
Age-grouping methods in diptera of medical importance, with special reference to some vectors of malaria / T. S. Detinova ; [with] an Annex on the ovary and ovarioles of mosquitos (with glossary) by D. S. Bertram
Detinova, Tatiana Sergeevna; Bertram, D. S; World Health Organization ( 1962 )
Age-grouping of anopheline female populations with particular reference to Anopheles farauti no.1 Laveran 1906 revised by Bryan 1973 (diptera : Culicidae) in Papua New Guinea / Margaret Spencer
Spencer, Margaret; World Health Organization ( 1976 )
Announcement of documents on vector bionomics in the epidemiology and control of malaria
Zahar, A. R; World Health Organization ( 1984 )
Announcements of documents on vector bionomics in the epidemiology and control of malaria : part III, The WHO South-East Asia Region and the WHO Western Pacific Region : vol. 2, Leading literature - general review, 1970-1994 / prepared by A. R. Zahar
Zahar, A. R ( 1996 )
Anopheles albimanus : development of carbamate and organophosphorus resistance in nature G. P. Georghiou, V. Ariaratnam, S. G. Breeland
Georghiou, G. P; Ariaratnam, V; Breeland, S. G; World Health Organization ( 1971 )
Anopheles arabiensis: abundance and insecticide resistance in an irrigated area of eastern Sudan
Himeidan, Y. El S.; Dukeen, M.Y.; El Rayah, El A.; Adam, I. ( 2004 )

The abundance of Anopheles arabiensis and its susceptibility to insecticides was studied in New Halfa, eastern Sudan, from March 1999 to June 2000. Of 4854 females anophelines collected, 4847 [99.9%] were An. arabiensis and 7 [0.1%] An. pharoensis. Female An. arabiensis were breeding throughout the year, with 2 peak densities, during the rainy [158.4 females/room/day and 84.7 larvae/10 dips] and irrigated seasons [136.8 females/room/day and 44.8 larvae/10 dips]. The mean biting activity was 28.8 bites/person/ night, found throughout the night, mainly outdoors. Susceptibility of An. arabiensis to insecticides dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane [DDT], malathion and fenitrothion was 97.8%, 96.3% and 100% respectively. An. arabiensis is the sole malaria vector in the area and is perennial rather than seasonal

Anopheles as vectors of animal malaria parasites (Summary of present records) / by R. S. Bray, P. C. C. Garnham
Bray, R. S; Garnham, P. C. C; World Health Organization ( 1964 )
Anopheles balabacensis balabacensis baisas 1936 and malaria transmission in South-Eastern areas of Asia / by R. Slooff, J. Verdrager
Slooff, R; Verdrager, J; World Health Organization ( 1972 )
Anopheles claviger meigen as a malaria vector in Syria by D. A. Muir, M. Keilany
Muir, D. A; Muir, D. A; Keilany, M; World Health Organization ( 1972 )
Anopheles Dthali Patton as a possible secondary vector of malaria in the northern region of the Somali Republic / by N. Rishikesh
Rishikesh, N; World Health Organization ( 1961 )
L' Anopheles Fluviatilis résistant à la dieldrine dans la partie orientale de l' Arabie Saoudite / par R. L. Peffly
Peffly, R. L; World Health Organization ( 1959 )
The Anopheles Gambiae Complex / by G. Davidson
Davidson, G; World Health Organization ( 1962 )
The Anopheles gambiae complex and its role in the malaria transmission in the Islands of Zanzibar and Pemba, United Republic of Tanzania / by J. A. Odetoyinbo, G. Davidson
Odetoyinbo, J. A; Davidson, G; World Health Organization ( 1968 )
Anopheles Gambiae Giles and epidemic malaria in the Haud of the Northern Region of Somali Republic / by N. Rishikesh
Rishikesh, N; World Health Organization ( 1962 )
Anopheles Gambiae Giles et le paludisme épidémiologique dans le Haud de la région septentrionale de la République de Somalie / par N. Rishikesh
Rishikesh, N; World Health Organization ( 1962 )
Anopheles minimus : its bionomics and role in the transmission of malaria in Assam, India / V. Dev
Dev, V ( 1996 )
Anopheles nili as a vector of malaria in a lowland region of Ethiopia / by E. S. Krafsur
Krafsur, E. S; Chabeda, P. I. M; World Health Organization ( 1969 )
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