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9789241506533_eng.pdf.jpg201316 ideas for addressing violence against women in the context of HIV epidemic: a programming toolWorld Health Organization; UNAIDS-
9241210125.pdf.jpg2002Accelerating Access Initiative : widening access to care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS : progress report, June 2002World Health Organization; UNAIDS-
EMRPUB_2013_FR_1542.pdf.jpg2013Accelerating HIV treatment in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean and UNAIDS Middle East and North Africa regionsWorld Health Organization; UNAIDS-
WHO_IVB_06.07_eng.pdf.jpg2006Accelerating the global effort for HIV vaccine research : report of the third Forum of the African AIDS Vaccine Programme, Yaoundé, Cameroon, 17-19 October 2005African AIDS Vaccine Programme. Forum (3rd : 2005 : Yaoundé, Cameroon); WHO Initiative for Vaccine Research; UNAIDSWHO/IVB/06.07
EMRPUB_2013_FR_1542.pdf.jpg2013Accélérer le traitement contre le VIH dans la Région de la Méditerranée orientale [OMS] et du Moyen-Orient et de l’Afrique du Nord [ONUSIDA]World Health Organization; UNAIDS-
9789243595962_spa.pdf.jpg2008Actualización sobre VIH y alimentación infantil: basada en la Reunión Consultiva Técnica realizada en nombre del Equipo de Trabajo Interinstitucional (IATT) sobre la Prevención de las Transmisión del VIH en Embarazadas, Madres y Niños, Ginebra, 25-27 de octubre de 2006World Health Organization; UNICEF; United Nations Population Fund; UNAIDS-
9789241599863_eng.pdf.jpg2010Addressing violence against women and HIV/AIDS: what works?World Health Organization; UNAIDS-
924159182X.pdf.jpg2004Advocacy guide : HIV/AIDS prevention among injecting users / World Health Organization, UNAIDSWorld Health Organization. Dept. of HIV/AIDS; UNAIDS-
9789241507004_eng.pdf.jpg2014Antiretroviral medicines in low- and middle-income countries: forecasts of global and regional demand for 2013-2016World Health Organization; UNAIDS-
WHO_HIV_2005.06.pdf.jpg2005Antiretroviral therapy and injecting drug usersWorld Health Organization. Dept. of HIV/AIDS; UNAIDS; United Nations. Office on Drugs and CrimeWHO/HIV/2005.06
9292241117_fre.pdf.jpg2008Cadre de travail pour la recherche opérationnelle et appliquée dans les programmes de santé et de lutte contre les maladiesUNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases; Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria; United States. Agency for International Development; World Health Organization; UNAIDS; World Bank-
9789241595063_eng.pdf.jpg2006Case study : country-enhanced monitoring and evaluation for antiretroviral therapy scale-up : analysis and use of strategic information in BotswanaWorld Health Organization. Dept. of HIV/AIDS; UNAIDS; National AIDS Coordinating Agency (Botswana); University of California, San Francisco-
9789242501674_fre.pdf.jpg2011Circonstances et modalités d'utilisation des tests d'infection récente pour estimer l'incidence de l'infection à VIH au niveau d'une populationUNAIDS/WHO Working Group on Global HIV/AIDS/STI Surveillance; World Health Organization. Dept. of HIV/AIDS; UNAIDS-
WHO_FCH_CAH_00.2_fre.pdf.jpg2000Le conseil en VIH et en alimentation du nourrisson : cours de formationWorld Health Organization; UNAIDS; UNICEFWHO/FCH/CAH/00.2-5; UNAIDS/99.55F-58F; UNICEF/PD/NUT/(J)00-1-4
WHO_FCH_CAH_00.2_spa.pdf.jpg2000Consejería en VIH y alimentación infantil: curso de capacitaciónWorld Health Organization; UNAIDS; UNICEFWHO/FCH/CAH/00.2-5; UNAIDS/99.55E-58E; UNICEF/PD/NUT/(J)00-1-4
9241592338.pdf.jpg2004Consultation on Ethics and Equitable Access to Treatment and Care for HIV/AIDS, 26-27 January 2004, Geneva : summary of issues and discussion, / World Health Organization and Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDSConsultation on Ethics and Equitable Access to Treatment and Care for HIV/AIDS (2004 : Geneva, Switzerland); World Health Organization; UNAIDS-
WHO_CDS_2002.11.pdf.jpg2002Coordinates 2002 : charting progress against AIDS, TB and MalariaThompson, Dick; World Health Organization. Dept. of Epidemic and Pandemic Alert and Response; UNAIDS; UNICEFWHO/CDS/2002.11
9789291737161_eng.pdf.jpg2008Core indicators for national AIDS programmes : guidance and specifications for additional recommended indicatorsUNAIDS; United Nations. General Assembly. Special Session on HIV/AIDS (2001 : New York, N.Y.)UNAIDS/08.26E
9291731692_spa.pdf.jpg2002Derecho penal, salud pública y transmisión del VIH : un documento de opciones de política / preparado para el ONUSIDA por Richard ElliottElliott, Richard; UNAIDSONUSIDA/02.12S
9789242501667_fre.pdf.jpg2011Directives pour la surveillance des populations les plus exposées au VIHUNAIDS/WHO Working Group on Global HIV/AIDS/STI Surveillance; World Health Organization. Dept. of HIV/AIDS; UNAIDS-
Showing results 1 to 20 of 215