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    • Occult hepatitis B infection in Egyptian health care workers 

      Elmaghloub, Reem; Elbahrawy, Ashraf; El Didamony, Gamal; Hashim, Alaa; Morsy, Mohamed H.; Hantour, Osamah; Hantour, Abdelateef; Abdelbaseer, Mohamed (‎2017-05)‎
      We tested the frequency of occult hepatitis B infection [‎OBI]‎ among Egyptian healthcare workers [‎HCWs]‎. We tested 132 HCWs for hepatitis B virus [‎HBV]‎ DNA by nested polymerase chain reaction [‎PCR]‎, and hepatitis C virus antibody [‎anti-HCV]‎ by ELISA. HCV RNA was measured by nested PCR in anti-HCV-positive HCWs. HBV-DNA-positive HCWs were subjected to HBV genotyping. We included 132 HCWs who were negative for hepatitis B surface antigen and positive for hepatitis B core antibody [‎anti-HBc]‎. OBI was detected in 7 male HCWs, and HBV E genotype was ...