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    • Age-specific seroprevalence of hepatitis A in Sari, northern Islamic Republic of Iran 

      Alian, S.; Ajami, A.; Ghasemian, R.; Yadeggarinia, D. (‎2011)‎
      The declining incidence of hepatitis A virus [‎HAV]‎ infection in the Islamic Republic of Iran may be reducing the population's natural immunity. This was the first systemized, population-based survey of the seroprevalence of HAV antibodies in urban and rural inhabitants of Sari, Mazandaran province. Serum from 1034 individuals aged 1-25 years in 2007 were tested for anti-HAV IgG antibody using a commercial enzyme immunoassay kit. The overall seroprevalence was 38.9%. The lowest prevalence [‎5.2%]‎ was among the younger age group [‎1-5 years]‎ from ...