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    • Diabetes or war? Incidence of and indications for limb amputation in Lebanon, 2007 

      Yaghi, K.; Yaghi, Y.; McDonald, A.A; Yadegarfar, Gh.; Cecil, E.; Seidl, J.; Dubois, E.; Rawaf, S.; Majeed, A. (‎2012)‎
      Chronic diseases such as diabetes and vascular disease are a major public health problem in Lebanon, where primary care is not well developed. This study aimed to describe the incidence and indications for limb amputation in Lebanon and identify associated factors [‎age, sex, level of surgery, length of hospital stay]‎. There were 1.6 amputations per 10 000 persons. The rate of amputation was highest in southern Lebanon at 3.8 per 10 000. The most important indication for surgery was diabetes [‎59%]‎. Diabetic patients were older [‎mean age 73 years ...