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    • Seroepidemiology of selected zoonotic infections in Basra region of Iraq 

      Yacoub, A.A.H.; Bakr, S.; Hameed, A.M.; Al Thamery, A.A.A.; Fartoci, M.J. (‎2006)‎
      A community-based seroepidemiological study was made of 4 common zoonotic infections [‎brucellosis, hydatidosis, toxoplasmosis and visceral leishmaniasis]‎ in 3 areas [‎rural, urban and suburban semirural]‎ in Basra governorate, southern Iraq. The prevalence of brucellosis was higher in the suburban semirural area [‎29.3%]‎ than the rural and urban areas. The prevalence of hydatidosis [‎19.0%-35.5%]‎ and toxoplasmosis [‎41.1%-52.1%]‎ were relatively high in all 3 areas. With respect to visceral leishmaniasis, low rates of infection were reported [‎0.2%-1.9%]‎. ...