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PMC2767947.pdf.jpg23-Мар-2015P04-18. Comparison of HIV neutralization assays for use in vaccine research and clinical trials, phase II: results from the NeutNet working group.Scarlatti, G; Alcami, J; Bongertz, V; Fenyö, E; Heath, A; Heyndrickx, L; Holmes, H; Jansson, M; Lopalco, L; Malnati, M; Montefiori, D; Moog, C; Morris, L; Osmanov, S; Polonis, V; Ramaswamy, M; Sattentau, Q; Schuitemaker, H; Wrin, T; Division of Immunology, Transplant and Infectious Diseases, DIBIT-San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy-
PMC3688173.pdf.jpg23-Мар-2015P126: Direct observation survey of practice of alcohol-based handrubbing in Fann Teaching Hospital, Dakar, Senegal.Niang, B; Chraiti, M; Nejad, SB; Dia, N; Diouf, M; Diop, N; Hightower, J; Diallo, M; Seydi, M; Infectious Diseases department, FANN teaching hospital, Dakar, Senegal-
PMC2767689.pdf.jpg23-Мар-2015P14-09. Use of HIV rapid tests for assessment of persistence of vaccine induced antibodies among HIV vaccine recipients.Karita, E; Kayitenkore, K; Bayingana, R; Sebahungu, F; Bizimana, J; Grabowski, K; Tichacek, A; Schmidt, C; Fast, P; Hunter, E; Allen, S; Projet San Francisco, Kigali, Rwanda-
PMC2767921.pdf.jpg23-Мар-2015P15-29 LB. From ethical principle to practice: Training the trainers.Hankins, C; Osmanov, S; Gutnick, R; UNAIDS/ONUSIDA, Geneva, Geneva 27, Switzerland-
PMC3688164.pdf.jpg23-Мар-2015P163: Patients for patient safety: translating anecdote to evidence base.Murphy, M; Patients for Patient Safety, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland-
PMC3688229.pdf.jpg23-Мар-2015P179: Establishing a collaboration with industry to support HAI reduction.Pittet, D; Kilpatrick, C; Kelley, E; Allegranzi, B; Bagheri-Nejad, S; University Hospitals Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland-
PMC3688237.pdf.jpg23-Мар-2015P330: Translating regional patient safety and infection prevention mandates into local action in african hospitals: the power of context specific improvement resources.Storr, J; Syed, S; Hightower, J; Gooden, R; Bagheri Nejad, S; WHO patient safety, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland-
PMC3688226.pdf.jpg23-Мар-2015P333: Understanding patient safety in Angola: a situational analysis at hospital Americo Boavida.Correia, J; Antunes, L; Hightower, J; Syed, S; Health, Permanent Mission of Angola, Geneva, Switzerland-
PMC3688276.pdf.jpg23-Мар-2015P334: Catalysing local production of alcohol based handrub in african hospitals: the power of south-north-south partnership.Bengaly, L; Hightower, J; Bonnabry, P; Syed, S; Pharmacy, CHU Hospital Gabriel Touré, Bamako, Mali-
1996El paciente, el profesional de la salud y la ley : una perspectiva latinoamericana : mesa redonda / Julio Montt Momberg y Roberto Mancini RuedaMontt Mombert, Julio; Mancini Rueda, Roberto-
1988Los pacientes, un recurso para la atenci'on de salud / Jan De Maeseneer & Mieke DebunneDe Maeseneer, Jan; Debunne, Mieke-
EB9R81_eng.pdf.jpg1952Pacific Science Council: proposed information serviceExecutive Board, 9EB9.R81
WHO_EVD_Guidance_Strategy_14.2_eng.pdf.jpg2014Package and approaches in areas of intense transmission of Ebola virus: Ebola responseWorld Health OrganizationWHO/EVD/Guidance/Strategy/14.2
bulletin_1998_76(3)_257-264.pdf.jpg1998Packaged treatment for first-line care in cerebral malaria and meningitis / T. R .Cullinan and C. PieterickCullinan, T. R; Pieterick, C-
20_4_2006.pdf.jpg2006Package insert changes--
9789241598996_eng.pdf.jpg2010Package of essential noncommunicable (PEN) disease interventions for primary health care in low-resource settingsWorld Health Organization-
WHO_HIV_2013.59_eng.pdf.jpg2013Package of essential services for pregnant and postpartum women and their childrenWorld Health OrganizationWHO/HIV/2013.59
WHO_FCH_10.06_eng.pdf.jpg2010Packages of interventions for family planning, safe abortion care, maternal, newborn and child healthWorld Health OrganizationWHO/FCH/10.06
emhj_1996_2_3_407_411.pdf.jpg1996Paediatric admissions to a hospital in the United Arab EmiratesDawson, K.P.; Onyia, D.-
bulletin_1988_66(3)_369-374.pdf.jpg1988Paediatric campylobacter diarrhoea from household exposure to live chickens in Lima, Peru / O. Grados ... [et al.]Grados, O; Bravo, N; Black, Robert E; Butzler, Jean-Paul-
Отображение результатов 75420 до 75439 из 144400