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1976La Rabia : técnicas de laboratorio / dirigida por Martin M. Kaplan, Hilary KoprowskiKaplan, Martin M; Koprowski, Hilary; World Health Organization-
1988La rabia : un viejo enemigo al que podemos derrotar / J. G. DebbieDebbie, J. G-
WHA3.20_eng.pdf.jpg1950RabiesWorld Health Assembly, 3WHA3.20
9789241563482_eng.pdf.jpg2007Rabies and envenomings : a neglected public health issue : report of a consultative meeting, World Health Organization, Geneva, 10 January 2007World Health Organization-
WHF_1988_9(4)_p536-541.pdf.jpg1988Rabies : an old enemy that can be defeated / J. G. DebbieDebbie, J. G-
wer7641.pdf.jpg2001Rabies, Asia--
1994Rabies control in Baltic countries--
1993Rabies : extension of the raccoon rabies epizootic, 1992--
79_329-340(no37).pdf.jpg2004Rabies, France--
1991Rabies : implications of the Channel Tunnel for the United Kingdom's freedom from rabies--
1990Rabies in a llama--
bulletin_1992_70(4)_443-450.pdf.jpg1992Rabies in China : recommendations for control / A. Kureishi ... [et al.]Kureishi, A; Xu, L. Z; Wu, H; Stiver, H. G-
1994Rabies : oral immunization of foxes--
1992Rabies : oral immunization of foxes in Europe--
EB2_5_eng.pdf.jpg1948Rabies: possible international conference on rabies: report by the Director-GeneralExecutive Board, 2EB2/5
1997Rabies post-exposure treatment--
1991Rabies : prevention of human rabies in 1989--
EB5_51_eng.pdf.jpg1949Rabies prophylaxisExecutive Board, 5EB5/51; EB5/51 Corr.1
1992Rabies : two cases of imported rabies in France--
82_61-68(no8).pdf.jpg2007Rabies vaccines : update--
显示结果 66264 至 66283 共 109821