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استعراض تاريخ الاصدارالعنوانالمؤلف(المؤلفون)وثيقة حكومية #
24_3_2010.pdf.jpg2010Earlier detection with EudraVigilance--
21_1_2007.pdf.jpg2007Early beginnings of palliative care--
a91213.pdf.jpg2007Early child development : a powerful equalizer: final report for the World Health Organization's Commission on the Social Determinants of Health. / Prepared by Arjumand Siddiqi, Lori G. Irwin, Dr. Clyde HertzmanHuman Early Learning Partnership; Commission on Social Determinants of Health-
Early child development in the European Region needs, trends and policy development (Rus).pdf.jpg2014Early child development in the European Region: needs, trends and policy developmentVelea, Ramona; Tamburlini, Giorgio-
Early child development in the European Region needs, trends and policy development (Eng).pdf.jpg2014Early child development in the European Region: needs, trends and policy developmentVelea, Ramona; Tamburlini, Giorgio-
emhj_1999_5_5_1014_1022.pdf.jpg1999Early childhood caries in Kuwait: review and policy recommendationsMorris, R.E.; Gillespie, G.; Dashti, A.; Gopalakrishnan, N.S.; Al Za'abi, F.-
9789241504065_eng.pdf.jpg2012Early childhood development and disability: a discussion paperWorld Health Organization; UNICEF-
9241547338_eng.pdf.jpg2007Early detectionWorld Health Organization-
80(5)342-349.pdf.jpg2002Early detection and response to meningococcal disease epidemics in sub-Saharan Africa : appraisal of the WHO strategy / J. A. D. Leake ... [et al.]Leake, J. A. D; Kone, M. L; Yada, A. A; Barry, L. F; Traore, G; Ware, A; Coulibaly, T; Berthe, A; Mambu Ma Disu, H; Rosenstein, Nancy E; Plikaytis, B. D; Esteves, K; Kawamata, J; Wenger, Jay D; Heymann, David L; Perkins, Bradley A-
WHO_HSE_GCR_LYO_2014.4_rus.pdf.jpg2014Early detection, assessment and response to acute public health events: implementation of early warning and response with a focus on event-based surveillance: interim versionWorld Health OrganizationWHO/HSE/GCR/LYO/2014.4
WHO_TRS_422.pdf.jpg1969Early detection of cancer : report of a WHO expert committee [meeting held in Geneva from 11 to 16 November 1968]WHO Expert Committee on Early Detection of Cancer; World Health Organization-
WHO_TRS_571_eng.pdf.jpg1975Early detection of health impairment in occupational exposure to health hazards : report of a WHO study group [meeting in Geneva from 10 to 16 December 1974]WHO Study Group on Early Detection of Health Impairment in Occupational Exposure to Health Hazards; World Health Organization-
924154211X.pdf.jpg1986Early detection of occupational diseasesWorld Health Organization-
WHO_HTM_STB_PSI_2011.21_eng.pdf.jpg2011Early detection of tuberculosis: an overview of approaches, guidelines and toolsWorld Health OrganizationWHO/HTM/STB/PSI/2011.21
WHF_1996_17(1)_p92-97.pdf.jpg1996Early enhancement of successful breast-feeding / Lennart RighardRighard, Lennart-
16_5_2010_0498_0504.pdf.jpg2010Early experiences of abuse and current depressive disorders in Iranian womenGhassemi, Gh.R.; Sadeghi, S.; Asadollahi, Gh.A.; Yousefy, A.R.; Mallik, S.-
1999Early human health effects of climate change and stratospheric ozone depletion in Europe : third Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health, London, 16-18 June 1999Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health (3rd: 1999 : London, United Kingdom); World Health Organization. Regional Office for EuropeEUR/ICP/EHCO 02 02 05/15
EUR_ICP_EHRO_02_05_02.pdf.jpg1999Early human health effects of climate change : report on a WHO Workshop, Rome, Italy 21-23 May 1998World Health Organization. Regional Office for EuropeEUR/ICP/EHRO 02 05 02
bulletin_1992_70(1)_85-91.pdf.jpg1992Early immunization of neonates with trivalent oral poliovirus vaccine / L. Y. Weckx ... [et al.]Weckx, L. Y; Schmidt, B. J; Herrmann, A. A; Miyasaki, C. H; Novo, N. F-
23-مار-2015Early implementation of WHO recommendations for the retention of health workers in remote and rural areas.Buchan, J; Couper, ID; Tangcharoensathien, V; Thepannya, K; Jaskiewicz, W; Perfilieva, G; Dolea, C; Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland .; Centre for Rural Health, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa .; International Health Policy Programme, Ministry of Health, Bangkok, Thailand .; Department of Health Personnel, Ministry of Health, Vientiane, Lao People's Democratic Republic.; IntraHealth International, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States of America .; Europe Regional Office, World Health Organization, Copenhagen, Denmark .; Health Systems Policies and Workforce, World Health Organization, 20 avenue Appia, 1211 Geneva, Switzerland .-
إظهار النتائج 36526-36545 من 144924