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استعراض تاريخ الاصدارالعنوانالمؤلف(المؤلفون)وثيقة حكومية #
WHO_NHD_99.2_(sectionI-II).pdf.jpg1999The baby-friendly hospital initiative : monitoring and reassessment : tools to sustain progress / prepared by the World Health Organization and Wellstart InternationalWorld Health Organization; UNICEF; Wellstart InternationalWHO/NHD/99.2
9789241594967_eng.pdf.jpg2009Baby-friendly hospital initiative : revised, updated and expanded for integrated careWorld Health Organization; UNICEF-
1997Baby-friendly hospitals in Kerala [letter] / Elsie Philip, Kurian ThomasPhilip, Elsie; Thomas, Kurian-
1986Bacillary dysentery / by Sudhir Chandra PalPal, Sudhir Chandra-
1.1 Background and Objectives.pdf.jpgسبت-2008Background and Objectives.World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia-
WHA12_TD-2_eng.pdf.jpg1959Background document based on summary reports received from countries for reference and use at the technical discussions "health education of the public" twelfth World Health Assembly, May 1959World Health Assembly, 12A12/Technical Discussions/2
SHS_86.5.pdf.jpg1986Background document for reference and use by personnel dealing with WHO Programme for Support to Countries in the Field of Maintenance and Repair of Hospital and Medical Equipment / by Andreas MallouppasMallouppas, Andreas; World Health Organization. Division of Strengthening of Health ServicesSHS/86.5. Unpublished
WHO_HTM_STB_2004.27.pdf.jpg2004Background document prepared for the meeting of the second ad hoc committee on the TB epidemic : Montreux, Switzerland, 18-19 September 2003World Health Organization; Stop TB PartnershipWHO/HTM/STB/2004.27
WHO_V-B_03.07_eng.pdf.jpg2003Background document : the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of typhoid feverWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Vaccines and BiologicalsWHO/V&B/03.07
E77983.pdf.jpg2002A background for national quality policies in health systems / by Charles D. Shaw and Isuf KaloShaw, Charles D; Kalo, Isuf; World Health Organization. Regional Office for EuropeEUR/02/5037153
Background and Objectives.pdf.jpgأغس-2007Background & Objectives.World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia-
sea_acmr_8_6_b.Pdf.jpg28-ماي-1982Background paper on the development of a health services research information system in the South-East Asia Region by Dr Mya Tu, Chief, Health Manpower Development, WHO/SEAROWorld Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia-
GPA_DIR_95.5_b.pdf.jpg1995Background paper : preparatory meeting for a consultation on long-term travel restrictions and HIV/AIDS, Geneva, 4-6 October 1994WHO Global Programme on AIDSGPA/DIR/95.5 b. Unpublished
WHA7_TD-1_eng.pdf.jpg1954Backround to rural health by Professor A. StamparWorld Health Assembly, 7A7/Technical Discussions/1
bulletin_2004_82(11)_822-827.pdf.jpg2004Back to basics : does decentralization improve health system performance? : evidence from Ceará in North-East Brazil / Sarah Atkinson and Dave HaranAtkinson, Sarah J; Haran, Dave-
1988Back to nature? / by Aulikki NissinenNissinen, Aulikki-
2002Baclofen : abrupt discontinuation dangerous :regulatory action--
WHO_TRS_682.pdf.jpg1982Bacterial and viral zoonoses : report of a WHO Expert Committee with the participation of FAO [meeting held in Geneva from 22 to 30 September 1981]WHO Expert Committee on Bacterial and Viral Zoonoses; Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations; World Health Organization-
bulletin_1998_76(2)_173-181.pdf.jpg1998Bacterial contamination of the lacteal contents of feeding bottles in metropolitan São Paulo, Brazil / T. B. Morais, M. B. Morais, & D. M. SigulemMorais, T. B; Morais, M. B; Sigulem, D. M-
11_5-6_2005_1115_1119.pdf.jpg2005Bacterial distribution analysis of the atmosphere of two hospitals in Ibb, YemenAl Shahwani, M.F.-
إظهار النتائج 7326-7345 من 100037