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TDR_PRD_GLP_01.2.pdf.jpg2001Handbook : good laboratory practice (GLP) / UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical DiseasesUNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical DiseasesTDR/PRD/GLP/01.2
WHO_MAL_81.961.pdf.jpg1981Immunodiagnosis of the haemosporidial infections such as babesiosis / by Miodrag RisticRistic, Miodrag; World Health OrganizationWHO/MAL/81.961
WHO_Mal_71.744.pdf.jpg1971Immunofluorescence methodology suitable for large scale application to malaria / by A. Voller, P. O' NeillVoller, A; World Health OrganizationWHO/MAL/71.744
TDR_PRD_TB_00.1.pdf.jpg2000Incentives and disincentives for new anti-tuberculosis drug development : situational analysis / Diana Chang Blanc and Paul NunnChang Blanc, Diana; Nunn, Paul; WHO Global Tuberculosis Programme; Stop TB InitiativeTDR/PRD/TB/00.1
WHO_Mal_444_fre.pdf.jpg1964Infection expérimentale d' anophèles par Plasmodium falciparum / par R. S. Bray, R. W. BurgessBray, R. S; Burgess, R. W; World Health OrganizationWHO/Mal/444
WHO_Mal_444.pdf.jpg1964The infection of Anopheles gambiae with Plasmodium falciparum in the laboratory / by R. S. Bray, R. W. W. BurgessBray, R. S; Burgess, R. W; World Health OrganizationWHO/Mal/444
WHO_Mal_70.728_fre.pdf.jpg1970Intérêt de l' immunofluorescence dans le dépistage et l' étude épidémiologique des paludismes humains / par P. Ambroise-Thomas, J. P. Garin, T. Kien TruongAmbroise-Thomas, P; Garin, J. P; Truong, T. Kien; World Health OrganizationWHO/MAL/70.728
WHO_MAL_72.792.pdf.jpg1972In vitro assessment of the sensitivity of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine at Kisumu, Kenya and Lagos, Nigeria / by Karl H. RieckmannRieckmann, Karl H; World Health OrganizationWHO/MAL/72.792
WHO_MAL_80.917.pdf.jpg1980Isolation of Plasmodium falciparum merozoites from in vitro cultures by passage through a concanavalin a-sepharose column / by Xavier Billiault, Pierre Ambroise-ThomasBilliault, Xavier; Ambroise-Thomas, Pierre; World Health OrganizationWHO/MAL/80.917
SME_78.25.pdf.jpg1978Laboratories with variola virus stocksWorld Health Organization; World Health Organization. Global Commission for the Certification of Smallpox EradicationSME/78.25; Global Commission WP/78.46
Smallpox_WP_2.pdf.jpg1963Laboratory aspects / by A.W. DownieDownie, A. W; World Health Organization. Expert Committee on Smallpox. Meeting (1964 : Geneva, Switzerland)Smallpox/WP/2
WHO_HSE_GCR_LYO_2012.2_eng.pdf.jpg2012Laboratory Assessment ToolWHO Lyon Office for National Epidemic Preparedness and ResponseWHO/HSE/GCR/LYO/2012.2
WHO_MAL_76.868.pdf.jpg1976Laboratory colonization of the malaria vector Anopheles culicifacies / by Richard W. AinsleyAinsley, Richard W; World Health OrganizationWHO/MAL/76.868; WHO/VBC/76.624
9241544953_eng.pdf.jpg1996Laboratory diagnosis of group A streptococcal infections / Dwight R. Johnson ... [et al.]Johnson, Dwight R; Kaplan, Edward L; Bicova, Ruth; Havlicek, Jiri; Havlickova, Helena; Kritz, Paula; Motlova, Jitka; Sramek, Jaroslav; World Health Organization-
bulletin_1994_72(2)_207-211.pdf.jpg1994Laboratory diagnosis of measles infection and monitoring of measles immunization : memorandum from a WHO meeting--
9241545011_eng.pdf.jpg1999Laboratory diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases / E. Van Dyck, A. Z. Meheus, P. PiotDyck, Eddy Van; Meheus, André Z; Piot, Peter; World Health Organization-
WHO_PCS_98.9.pdf.jpg1998Laboratory handling of mutagenic and carcinogenic products / co-ordinator: D. MarzinWorld Health Organization. Promotion of Chemical Safety Unit; International Programme on Chemical Safety; Inter-Organization Programme for the Sound Management of ChemicalsWHO/PCS/98.9
WHO_CDS_CSR_EDC_99.7.pdf.jpg1999Laboratory manual for the diagnosis of meningitis caused by Neisseria meningitidis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Haemophilus influenzae / principal authors : Tanja Popovic, Gloria Ajello and, Richard FacklamPopovic, Tanja; Ajello, Gloria; Racklam, Richard; Caugnant, D; Nicolas, P; Perkins, B; Rosenstein, N; Tikhomirov, Evgueni; World Health Organization. Epidemic Disease Control TeamWHO/CDS/CSR/EDC/99.7
WHO_IVB_04.14_eng.pdf.jpg2004Laboratory manual for the diagnosis of whooping cough caused by Bordetella pertussis / Bordetella parapertussisWorld Health Organization. Dept. of Immunization, Vaccines and BiologicalsWHO/IVB/04.14
WHO_IVB_14.03_eng.pdf.jpg2014Laboratory Manual for the diagnosis of whooping cough caused by bordetella pertussis/bordetella parapertussis : update 2014World Health OrganizationWHO/IVB/14.03
Отображение результатов 36 до 55 из 134