• Drug abusers in prisons: managing their health problems: report on a WHO meeting, The Hague, 16-18 May 1988 

    World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎1990)‎
    Summarizes measures used in different European prison systems to identify drug abusers among prisoners, treat their dependence, and manage their many other special health problems. Particular attention is given to the ethical issues surrounding the treatment of prisoners against their will and to the special problem of motivation within a prison environment. Health problems related to drug abuse, including AIDS and suicide, are also critically assessed. Throughout, examples of systems and procedures currently in effect are contrasted with measures ...
  • It can be done: a smoke-free Europe, report of the first European conference on tobacco policy, Madrid, 7-11 November 1988 

    World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎1988)‎
    Summarizes the tough lines of action mapped out during Europe's first conference on tobacco policy, a watershed event in the history of action against tobacco. The conference, which united some of the most experienced scientists, social scientists, and experts on health education and public health policy in Europe, drew unprecedented force and determination from a number of developments in research and public opinion. The book opens with a six-point charter asserting the moral right of Europes citizens to be protected not only from the diseases ...
  • Occupational health services: an overview 

    World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe; Rantanen, Jorma (‎1990)‎
    Provides an overview of occupational health services available to workers in 32 European countries. The overview draws upon a survey conducted to obtain information on the general development of occupational health services in Europe, to identify the official objectives and legislation guiding this development, and to analyse the extent to which services are meeting the health needs of workers. The book has nine chapters. The opening chapters discuss the legislative basis of services in different European countries, consider the role played by ...
  • Recommandations relatives aux soins de soutien aux patients atteints de maladie à virus Ebola 

    Organisation mondiale de la Santé (‎WHO/WHE/IHM/PAT/2018.1, 2018)‎
  • WHO in Europe 1991 

    World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe (‎1991)‎

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