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Weekly Bulletin on Outbreak and other Emergencies: Week 11: 10-16 March 2018
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Africa, Health Emergencies Programme

The health of Europe: summary of the second health for all evaluation
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe

Summarizes the main findings of a large-scale evaluation, conducted in 1990-1991, of the health situation in European countries. The evaluation, conducted on the eve of dramatic political changes in central and eastern Europe, revealed wide variations in health status and the quality of health care. Particular attention is given to the extent to which 38 precise health targets, formulated and agreed upon in 1984, have been met. The report notes several areas of general improvement, including ...

Nursing in action: strengthening nursing and midwifery to support health for all
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe;Salvage, Jane

A practical, step-by-step guide to the introduction of changes intended to strengthen the role and status of nurses in Europe. Emphasis is placed on changes that lead to improved patient care in line with the principles of health for all. Noting that nurses are uniquely placed to perceive the need for change and then take the initiative, the book aims to help readers think through weaknesses in health care, understand how to introduce change, and take the appropriate action, whether to improv...

Drug utilization studies: methods and uses
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe;Dukes, M. N. G.

A multi-authored survey of instruments and methods developed to investigate patterns of drug consumption and to answer fundamental questions about prescribing practices, therapeutic value, and safety. By reviewing the state-of-the-art in research methodology, the book also aims to show how drug utilization studies can contribute to national health policies designed to promote the availability of safe and effective medicines, while also reducing costly over-medication. Information ranges from ...

Acute effects on health of smog episodes: report on a WHO meeting, 's Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, 30 October -2 November 1990
World Health Organization. Regional Office for Europe