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Assessment of core and support functions of case-based surveillance of meningitis in hospitals in Khartoum State in 2015
Baghdadi, I.A.A.

Case-based surveillance of meningitis was implemented in Khartoum State in February 2013 but its implementation has not been evaluated. This study assessed some core [case confirmation] and support [case reporting and investigation resources] functions of case-based surveillance of meningitis at hospital level in Khartoum State, Sudan, from January to March 2015. An interview questionnaire and checklist were used to collect data from 31 hospitals. A poster containing the case definition of me...

Control of malaria outbreak due to Plasmodium vivax in Aswan governorate, Egypt
Kandeel, A.;Haggag, A.A.;Abo El Fetouh, M.;Naiel, M.;Refaey, S.A.;Hassan, A.H.;Ramzy, R.M.R.

In 2014, after several years of maintaining zero malaria indigenous cases, Egypt had an outbreak of Plasmodium vivax: 21 confirmed cases during May-June 2014. In response to the outbreak, the Ministry of Health and Population [MoHP] launched an emergency response through early detection and prompt treatment of cases, vector control, public education and intersectoral collaboration. Twenty cases [95.2%] were residents of El-Sheikh Mostafa village, Edfu district, Aswan governorate, southern Egy...

Hepatitis B and C in the Syrian Arab Republic: a review
Bashour, H.;Muhjazi, G.

This paper reviews the epidemiology and determinants of hepatitis B and C in the Syrian Arab Republic as well as their treatment and prevention. A systematic search of Medline, PubMed and Index Medicus for the Eastern Mediterranean Region was carried out in addition to a review of grey literature and relevant datasets in the Syrian Arab Republic. Low to low-intermediate levels of endemicity of both infections were noted at the national level. However, striking geographic differences and high ...

Assessment of the social accountability of the faculty of medicine at university of Gezira, Sudan
Elsanousi, S.;Elsanousi, M.;Khalafallah, O.;Habour, A.

A socially accountable medical school is one that directs its education, research and service activities towards addressing the priority health concerns of the community it serves and verifying its impact on the community. This study aimed to assess the social accountability of the University of Gezira faculty of medicine in Sudan. We reviewed the literature, faculty documents and reports and used both the World Health Organization social accountability grid and the conceptualization-producti...

Objective structured clinical examination for pharmacy students in Qatar: cultural and contextual barriers to assessment
Wilby, K.J.;Black, E.K.;Austin, Z.;Mukhalalati, B.;Aboulsoud, S.;Khalifa, S.I.

This study aimed to evaluate the feasibility and psychometric defensibility of implementing a comprehensive objective structured clinical examination [OSCE] on the complete pharmacy programme for pharmacy students in a Middle Eastern context, and to identify facilitators and barriers to implementation within new settings. Eight cases were developed, validated, and had standards set according to a blueprint, and were assessed with graduating pharmacy students. Assessor reliability was evaluate...

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