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Marketing of breast-milk substitutes: national implementation of the international code: status report 2016
World Health Organization;UNICEF;IBFAN

Earmarked tobacco taxes: lessons learnt from nine countries
World Health Organization

The WHO reproductive health library
World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia

The WHO Reproductive Health Library (RHL) is a tool developed by the World Health Organization to help promote evidence-based reproductive health care. The library comprises reviews from the Cochrane Library, which are relevant to reproductive health with comments and recommendations on the applicability of the findings of these reviews in developing-country settings. It also includes implementation aids as well as other useful information related to reproductive health.

The WHO FCTC indicators: global youth tobacco survey, 2009
World Health Organization, Regional Office for South-East Asia

This The WHO FCTC Indicators:Global Youth Tobacco Survey, 2009 contains Global Youth Tobacco Survey data (2007 & 2009) from 10 Member States of the WHO South-East Asia Region. Its main purpose is to disseminate these data widely and make them available to researchers, programme managers, advocates and any interested organizations or individuals and other stakeholders, so that they could make further analyses as appropriate to their needs and use the same to initiate policy changes and program...

Évaluation de l'efficacité des anthelminthiques contre la schistosomiase et les géohelminthiases
Organisation mondiale de la Santé