Meningococcal A

Reported estimates of MenA coverage
Last update: 06-Sep-2017 (data received as of 05-Sep-2017).
Next update 2018.
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BCG DTP1 DTP3 DTP4 IPV1 HepB_BD HepB3 Hib3 JapEnc MCV1 MCV2 MenA PCV1 PCV2 PCV3 Pol3 rotac RCV1 TT2+ PAB VAD1 YFV Rota1
Click on a country name for its VPDs coverage time series 2016
Armenia 22
Canada 89
Chile 96
Democratic Republic of the Congo (the) 99
Ghana 13
Sudan (the) 98
    * indicates coverage was reported over 99.5%

    Source: WHO vaccine-preventable diseases: monitoring system 2017 global summary