Meningococcal A

Reported estimates of MenA coverage
Last update: 21-Sep-2018 (data received as of 18-Sep-18).
Next update Spring 2019.
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BCG DTP1 DTP3 DTP4 IPV1 HepB_BD HepB3 Hib3 JapEnc MCV1 MCV2 MenA PCV1 PCV2 PCV3 Pol3 rotac RCV1 TT2+ PAB VAD1 YFV Rota1
Click on a country name for its VPDs coverage time series 2017 2016
Armenia   22
Burkina Faso 68  
Canada 88 89
Central African Republic (the) 39  
Chile 94 96
Democratic Republic of the Congo (the)   99
Ghana 82 13
Mali 73  
Niger (the) 14  
San Marino 18  
Sudan (the) 82 98
    * indicates coverage was reported over 99.5%

    Source: WHO vaccine-preventable diseases: monitoring system 2018 global summary