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Polio Case Count

Updated on: 10-Apr-2014

This page allows you to request a table with AFP/polio data, which can be tailored according to your individual data needs. Data are available for 1996 to date by country and WHO Region.
Please refer to the page on Acute Flaccid Paralysis surveillance for more details on this important polio eradication strategy. AFP surveillance strategies were formally defined in a recent issue of WHO's Weekly Epidemiological Record (pdf).
For most queries, leave the 'Detailed' setting checked; The 'Summary' setting yields regional result(s).
These three lists are multiselect enabled: You are free to select any amount of any combination of items.
The multiselect ability of the fields below may require the help of additional keys (ie Alt/Option Command/Control) and/or dragging of the mouse
The regional summary at the end of the detailed summary will account for the different regions to which selected countries belong.
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