Immunization surveillance, assessment and monitoring

Immunization surveillance, assessment and monitoring


Our focus is to monitor and assess the impact of strategies and activities for reducing morbidity and mortality of vaccine-preventable diseases


United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) goals by 2010: (i) Ensure full immunization of children under one year of age at 90% coverage nationally with at least 80% coverage in every district or equivalent administrative unit, (ii) Vitamin A Deficiency Elimination

World Health Assembly (WHA) and UNGASS goals by 2005: (i) Polio Eradication, (ii) Measles Mortality Reduction, (iii) Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus Elimination (MNTE)

Millenium Development Goals (MDGs): Two third reduction in child mortality, as compared to 1990


Monitoring of the performance, quality and safety of the immunization system through indicators

Assessment of the current burden of vaccine preventable diseases as well as the "future" burden of vaccine preventable diseases in terms of sickness, death and disability, as well as the economic burden

Assessment of the impact of vaccination strategies, through ongoing epidemiological surveillance and reliable laboratory confirmation, as well as impact assessments in countries

Monitoring of each countries immunization policies, particularly the vaccines used in each country and the target population for these vaccines (immunization schedules)

Monitoring of the overall proportion of children and women who are vaccinated (immunization coverage) and ensuring that all districts of the country are well covered with vaccination