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Report from Director, IVB: Global report including key updates and challenges from regions.
Reports from other Advisory Committees on Immunization: Report of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety GACVS.
Polio eradication: Global polio eradication initiative (GPEI) Emergency Action Plan 2012-13: planned corrective actions in 'off-track' countries (Pakistan, Nigeria, Afghanistan); Prioritizing emergency polio eradication activities in view of the chronic financing gap; The tOPV - bOPV switch and suggested IPV policy to complete type 2 eradication.
Seasonal influenza vaccine: Global influenza burden of disease; Influenza vaccine effectiveness; Safety of influenza vaccines; Presentation of recommendations.
Impact of introduction of new vaccines on the strengthening of immunization and health systems: Brief introduction to the session; Summary of findings from literature reviews and assessments and interviews in the context of the WHO Health System Building Blocks Framework; Review of findings and gaps in information on impact of new vaccines on immunization and health systems; Discussion: Focus on findings and evidence gaps; Principles for new vaccine introduction; A practical tool for countries, updated WHO document entitled: "Principles and Considerations for Adding a Vaccine to a National Immunization Programmeā€¯; Discussion of principles and specific sections of the updated WHO document.
Vaccination in humanitarian emergencies: Brief introduction of the process that is being followed for the development of the framework; Literature review of vaccination experience in previous humanitarian emergencies /Existing recommendations and guidance; Ethical issues surrounding use of vaccines in emergency settings; Vaccination in acute humanitarian emergencies: a framework for decision-making.
Rotavirus vaccines schedules: Optimizing rotavirus schedules: what are the key questions for today's session?; Rotavirus vaccine effectiveness after 2 or 3 doses and risk of Intussusception after rotavirus vaccination; Rotavirus vaccination: tailoring the immunization schedule to the local epidemiology and operational realities; Benefits of mortality reduction versus risk of fatal intussusception; Overview of major conclusions from the ad hoc group of experts.
Use of hepatitis A vaccines: Evidence and recommendations on the flexibility of a booster dose of inactivated hepatitis A vaccine with focus on long-term protection achieved by single dose administration: Impact and monitoring the impact of single dose hepatitis A vaccine use in Argentina; Process of evidence and data collection and overview of evidence obtained including GRADE tables; Draft recommendations for flexible use of inactivated hepatitis A vaccine booster dose.
Report from the GAVI Alliance Secretariat.
Information on vaccines for an Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Mercury: Outcomes from a WHO Informal Consultation (3-4 April) on further guidance on vaccines in preparation for the fourth Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC4); Perspectives from stakeholders countries; Manufacturers perspective; Potential guidance to countries on vaccines for the mercury-treaty negotiations.

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