Displaying the topics covered at the most recent SAGE meeting.
SAGE April 2014
Report from the IVB Department: 3 Key issues: (i) sustaining the momentum generated by the DoV/GVAP, (ii) ensuring effort to effectively support country implementation are sufficient and (iii) identifying areas for more effective coordination and collaboration between WHO and its partners.
Report from the GAVI Alliance: update on recent Board decisions, key elements under consideration for GAVI's future strategy, its poly review pipeline, and plans for replenishment of funds.
Report from the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GAVCS).
Polio eradication.
Immunization supply chain: review of a deeper analysis from the approximately 70 countries that have undergone EVM assessments to date.
Varicella and herpes zoster vaccines: review of global prevalence and burden of disease.
Human papilloma virus vaccines.
Pertussis vaccines: presentation of Pertussis working group's (established in 2012) report.
Non-specific effects of vaccines on childhood mortality: review of protocols for 2 commissioned independent systematic reviews.
Integration of immunization and child health services.