Displaying the topics covered at the most recent SAGE meeting.
SAGE November 2013
Report from GAVI Alliance: summary on the Alliance's mid-term review, programmatic and policy updates, and outline of GAVI's next vaccine investment strategy and plans for finalizing GAVI's strategy for 2016-2020.
Report form other advisory committees: IPAC, GACVS, and IVIR-AC.
Vaccination of pregnant and lactating women: GACVS’s comprehensive review of the evidence on safety of vaccination during pregnancy.
Polio eradication.
Decade of Vaccines (DoV) Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) implementation monitoring: progress report 2013.
Pandemic and interpandemic influenza vaccines.
Measles and rubella elimination.
Smallpox vaccines.
Immunization supply chains: key challenges impacting national immunization programmes.
Strategic review of the global sentinel hospital surveillance networks for invasive bacterial vaccine preventable disease (IB-VPD) and rotavirus (RV).
Report from IVB: focused on the scale up of immunization services required to reach the GVAP goal of 90% national coverage with 3 doses of DTP3 in all countries by 2015.