Multi-Country Survey Study on Health and Responsiveness (MCSS)


The World Health Organization developed the Multi-Country Survey Study (MCSS) to operationalize the measurement of health and other health-related parameters, in a systematic, standardized and cross-nationally comparable manner. The MCSS was a mechanism to improve the methodologies for generating comparable data on health and health system responsiveness. This study was implemented in 2000-2001 in nationally representative populations from 61 countries. The total sample size includes almost 200,000 individuals aged 18-years and older.

The survey instrument was developed in multiple languages using cognitive interviews and cultural applicability tests, stringent psychometric tests for, and most importantly, utilizing novel psychometric techniques to control reporting bias and improve cross-population comparability. The survey modules included, sociodemographic information, health state descriptions, health conditions, screening, health state valuations, health system responsiveness, adult mortality and calibration (performance) tests.

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