United Republic of Tanzania - Tanzania District Comprehensive Assessment 2008-2009

Reference ID Tanzania_2008_2009
Year 0
Country United Republic of Tanzania
Producer(s) National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR)
Sponsor(s) The Global Fund - -
Tanzania Commission for AIDS - TACAIDS -
Zanzibar Malaria Control Programme - ZMCP -
National AIDS Control Programme (Mainland) - -
National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Programme - -
National Malaria Control Prog
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Tanzania District Health Assessment 2008-2009 summary report, National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) Tanzania, English [eng]


This summary report presents the results of a survey of 15 districts conducted during March 2008 to
October 2009, and referred to as the District Comprehensive Assessment (DCA). The study included
13 districts on the Mainland and two on Zanzibar. The study was part of a larger multi-country study
involving 18 countries, aiming to evaluate progress made in the context of scaling up against AIDS, TB
and malaria. The exercise was supported by the Global Fund and its in-country partners.

This report is supported by a full report with a more extensive description of the methods results, and survey instruments.

Technical documents

1. Methods
2. Main findings
4. Tuberculosis
5. Malaria
6. Maternal and child health
7. Stand-alone pharmacies and drug shops

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