The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB) Secretariat ensures that it has real and perceived independence in its work. As the GPMB does not have a separate legal identity, its Secretariat is hosted by the World Health Organization. This avoids the creation of new and burdensome administrative structures and is not duplicating existing accountability systems and offices in WHO.

Positioning the GMPB Secretariat within the WHO administratively gives the GMPB a strong administrative and financial management accountability structure. Financial contributions dedicated to the GPMB are in a separate account, and the GPMB Secretariat budget is ring-fenced within the WHO Programme Budget in a special category. Clear, costed workplans for the implementation of the GPMB mandate are important tools to ensure clarity and shared understanding.

The GPMB Secretariat’s operations follow WHO’s rules, regulation and procedures. Functional reporting of the Secretariat Director is to the GPMB Co-chairs, while administrative reporting is to the Chef du Cabinet of the WHO Office of the Director General.

The GPMB has a small standalone Secretariat, firewalled to the extent feasible within WHO and is supporting effective and efficient support to the GPMB to deliver on its mandate. The Secretariat is led by Alex Ross. In addition to the Secretariat based at WHO, dedicated staff support the GPMB Co-chairs, as well as the World Bank co-convener. The GPMB Secretariat commissions work and consultancies as needed.