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A selection of media coverage of the GPMB’s first annual report, “A World at Risk”

CNN: VIDEO: The risk of a global pandemic is growing -- and the world isn't ready, experts say

Fox News: VIDEO: World is not ready for global pandemic

BBC Newsday: Are we prepared for a global outbreak of contagious diseases?

The Telegraph: A 'cycle of panic and neglect' leaves the world vulnerable to pandemics, experts warn

The Guardian: Experts warn world ‘grossly unprepared’ for future pandemics

Reuters: World at risk of pandemics that could kill millions, panel warns

Daily Mail: Outbreak of a flu-like illness could circulate the world in 36 hours and kill 80million people, warns report by former World Health Organization chief

Deutsche Welle: World unprepared for pandemic, panel warns

Fast Company: When (not if) a global pandemic hits, we will not be ready

Global News Canada: World not prepared for the next big pandemic: report

Business Insider: Bill Gates warned that a devastating 'quirk of nature' could kill 30 million people in less than a year. Experts say we're still not doing enough to prepare.

Devex: New report warns of the consequences of inaction on preparedness

VOX: The next global pandemic could kill millions of us. Experts say we’re really not prepared.

Fortune: Experts Warn We Aren’t Prepared for a Global Health Crisis: Brainstorm Health

Irish Times: World faces increasing risk of pandemics that could kill millions, panel says

Gizmodo: The World Is ‘Grossly’ Unprepared for the Next Major Pandemic, Watchdog Finds

Christian Science Monitor: Why global health emergencies first need a dose of trust

Quartz: World health leaders warn the world is dangerously unprepared for a pandemic