The Sixty-fourth World Health Assembly was held at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, from 16 to 24 May 2011, in accordance with the decision of the Executive Board at its 127th session.1

The officers of the Health Assembly were:

Outgoing Vice-President of the Sixty-third World Health Assembly:

Dr M.I. Rodríguez (El Salvador)

President of the Sixty-fourth World Health Assembly:

Dr Christos Patsalides (Cyprus)


Professor C.O. Onyebuchi Chukwu (Nigeria)

Mr Ri Jang Gon (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea)

Dr Enrique T. Ona (Philippines)

Dr Mohammad Hussein Nicknam (Islamic Republic of Iran)

Mrs Therese Baptiste-Cornelis (Trinidad and Tobago)

The verbatim record contains the record of proceedings during the 10 plenary meetings of the Health Assembly. The digital recording of the meetings includes the interventions made by each speaker, in the original language of delivery.

In addition, the summary records of the work of Committee A and Committee B are provided in document WHA64/2011/REC/3 which also contains the list of participants. The resolutions and decisions are provided in document WHA64/2011/REC/1, in addition to other relevant material. For a list of abbreviations used in these volumes, membership of the Health Assembly committees, the agenda and the list of documents for the session, please see the preliminary pages of document WHA64/2011/REC/1.


1 Decision EB127(9).



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