Data Analysis

Raw data & Summary statistics

The Food safety collaborative platform (FOSCOLLAB) integrates elements from separate sources: JECFA database, JMPR database, GEMS/Food Contaminants database, FAO/WHO Chronic individual food consumption database (CIFOCOss), the WHO Collaborating Centers Database and data from other UN organizations.

By integrating multiple sources of reliable data, FOSCOLLAB helps overcome the challenges of accessing key sources in a timely manner, allowing for better risk assessment and decision-making by food safety professionals and authorities.

The platform contains two entries:

  • An entry called “Data Analysis” (left-hand entry above), which contains risk assessment reports, specifications as well as food consumption and food contamination data analysis.
  • An entry called “Raw data & Summary statistics” (right-hand entry above), which allows the user to access and download raw data for food contamination and summary statistics for food consumption.