General Information

CAS number: 67-45-8
Functional Class:
  • Veterinary Drug


Evaluation year: 1993
ADI: NO ADI ALLOCATED, genotoxic carcinogen
Comments: On the basis of the positive effects of furazolidone in genotoxicity tests in vitro and the increased incidence of malignant tumours in mice and rats, the Committee concluded that furazolidone was a genotoxic carcinogen. Since the drug is rapidly and extensively metabolized, the Committee also considered information on metabolites of furazolidone. Although a large number of postulated metabolites produced negative results in genotoxicity tests, it was noted that only a few of these had been either identified or quantified in rats and pigs. Insufficient data were available on the nature and toxic potential of compounds released from the bound residues. Because of the genotoxic and carcinogenic nature of furazolidone and lack of sufficient data on the metabolites, the Committee was unable to establish an ADI.
MRL Comment: No MRLs allocated, due to: the fact that no ADI was established & insufficient residue data
MRL Code: O
Intake: not calculated
Meeting: 40
Report: TRS 832-JECFA 40/32
Tox Monograph: FAS 31-JECFA 40/85
Residues: FNP 41/5-JECFA 40/87