This section contains brief pieces describing the Parties’ most recent achievements in implementing the Convention.
5 May 2017

After several years of preparatory work, on 4 May 2017 the Parliament of Georgia adopted a new tobacco control act, amending the existing tobacco control act dated December 2010.

Lao People's Democratic Republic
1 May 2017

New pictorial health warnings covering 75% on both sides of packs must be affixed to all cigarette products of all brands, either domestically made or imported in the Lao People's Democratic Republ

15 February 2017

Slovenia's parliament passed a law imposing plain tobacco packaging from 2020 on 15 February 2017.

Republic of Korea
23 December 2016


On June 2015, the Republic of Korea adopted amendments to its National Health Promotion Act requiring pictorial health warnings.

Russian Federation
13 December 2016

The meeting was held with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Ministry of Health of Russia, and was attended by the Director of Public Health Department and Communications of