Current Situation

Cases in the most affected countries

  • There were 20 confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) reported in the week to 21 June, compared with 24 cases the previous week. Weekly case incidence has stalled at between 20 and 27 cases since the end of May, whilst cases continue to arise from unknown sources of infection, and to be detected only after post-mortem testing of community deaths. In Guinea, 12 cases were reported from the same 4 prefectures as reported cases in the previous week: Boke, Conakry, Dubreka, and Forecariah. In Sierra Leone, 8 cases were reported from 3 districts: Kambia, Port Loko, and the district that includes the capital, Freetown, which reported confirmed cases for the first time in over 2 weeks.
  • Although cases have been reported from the same 4 prefectures in Guinea for the past 3 weeks, the area of active transmission within those prefectures has changed, and in several instances has expanded. 

Our Work

WHO works with national governments and leads the international community to provide emergency health services in countries with widespread Ebola transmission as well as prevent outbreaks in countries that are unaffected.

Stop transmission in all affected countries
  • Identify and trace people with Ebola
  • Care for persons with Ebola
  • Safe and dignified burials
  • Prevent and control infection
Prevent future outbreaks
  • Cross border preparedness, and communication
  • Preparedness of unaffected countries
  • Rapid response teams for outbreaks
Research and Development
Fast track access to new health technologies
  • New vaccines
  • Rapid diagnostics
  • Treatments
  • Blood products

Get Involved


Funding requirements for WHO Ebola response plan, March - December 2015

If you want to play a more direct role in the response then consider WHO vacancies and also visit UN Volunteering in the West Africa region.


29 June 2015

Since notifying the world of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa on 23 March 2014, WHO has, in partnership with the international health community, mobilized its largest response to the most severe...

26 June 2015

In May 2015, cases of Ebola began to appear in Tanene, Dubreka Prefecture, Guinea, an area that had previously been unaffected.

24 June 2015

Since 2014, over 110 countries have received support to strengthen public health response capacities in relation to Ebola virus disease (EVD).

22 June 2015

On a stretch of scenic coastline at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean sits one of Freetown, Sierra Leone’s, toughest neighbourhoods – Moa Wharf.

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