The Pakistan Newswire

December 21, 2001 Friday

SECTION: Nationwide International News

LENGTH: 200 words

HEADLINE: UN-Briefing: WHO intensifies harsh winter emergency supplies in Afghanistan

DATELINE: Islamabad, Dec 21


The World Health Organization (WHO) has intensified harsh winter emergency supplies inside Afghanistan. Ms. Fadela Chaib, official of the World Health Ortanization said in the UN briefing here Friday that WHO has intensified its emergency supplies for Afghanistan because harsh winter has already come. She said that WHO has already provided 60 Emergency Medical Kits to hospitals and health facilities inside Afghanistan either through WHO sub-offices or NGOs. She said that WHO office in Jalalabad has 7 Emergency Health Kits to dispatch to the eastern region. 20 Emergency Health Kits will be transported from Tehran to Heart and 20 similar kits will arrive from Dushumbe to Wakhan, Faizabad and Darwaz districts in Badakhshan province, she added. She said that WHO has collaborated, together with UNICEF, Afghan health workers and NGOs to the needs assessment for the reconstruction of the health sector in Afghanistan, jointly carried out by the World Bank, the Asian Development and UNDP. She said that the purpose of the exercise is to help mobilize the financial resources required for the short and medium-terms recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan.

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