The following are the summary of activities for today:


The WB representative visited the WCO at 10.00 a.m. for consultation on various health related issues of common interest to the two Organizations within the DDRR Process. Issues discussed included, inter alia:

The WB was invited to work with WHO and other partners to participate in the CCS Process that WHO will conduct immediately the new political dispensation is in place.

The WHO Team included Drs. Khatib, Siamevi and Burkle Jnr. And the WB represented by Mr. Jean Paul Chausse (Principal Counselor, Rural Development, Africa Region)

At the request of SRSG, the WHO Team (Drs. Khatib, Siamevi and Burkle Jnr.) reported to his Office for discussion of the following:

Both matters will be investigated and reviewed and a report will be submitted to the SRSG soon.


The usual morning and evening meetings were held and issues were routine. WHO reported the figures of the immunization campaign taking place in Tubmanburg where cumulatively over 1000 children aged 6 mo – 15 yrs. have been vaccinated against measles and over 600 below 5 yrs. of age have received Vit. A.



The Joint WHO, UNICEF and MOH immunization campaign against measles continued today in Tubmanburg. A total of 596 children aged 6moths – 15 years were vaccinated and another 312 between 6 months – 5 years had Vit A doses administration. The campaign continues tomorrow.


The mass chlorination of open wells is going on. The expected chlorination of 50 wells per person was not achieved today. The data collected from 4 teams in the field indicated that only 113 wells have been treated out of the 400 wells planned.

A WHO team had supervised the activity in the morning and the Consultant participated in the briefing session in the zone allocated to the Ministry of health (Gardnerville) at the end of the day.

Chlorinators from the Ministry of health have identified many constraints:

The consultant discussed this issue with Mr. Weeks who led the process for UNICEF.

They agreed to meet every morning to discuss the process and institute supporting measures. The first meeting will be held on 1st September 2003. The next meeting of WATSAN committee will be held on September 1 at 3 pm and the above issues concerning MOH staff will again be addressed.

As a follow up, a meeting will be held on daily basis among the WHO Consultant, the chlorinators and supervisors from Ministry of health.






Drs. Siamevi, Khatib, Burkle Jnr, Ms. Melanie and the WHO Country EHA team visited the Masonic Temple Compound IDP camp this afternoon to assess the health situation there. The camp is estimated to have 11,500 inhabitants including children and women. The health and sanitation services are offered by Merlin. Water is trucked twice a day and reserved in a water balloon. There had been 2 child deaths on Friday from "chronic" malaria. There were 78 pregnant women and 7 deliveries with double twins among the seven.


Dr. Bolay joined the UN Joint Assessment Mission to Buchanan yesterday.

Health situation: Access to health care services is limited. There are no surgical facilities presently in Buchanan. Immunization was interrupted due to unavailability of electricity to maintain the cold-chain. Presently, the St. Peters Claver Clinic is the major provider of health care in Buchanan. The clinic provides OPD, ante natal, basic laboratory tests, blood transfusion services. About 25-30 % of children screened are moderately malnourished.

A skeleton staff of the Government hospital also began OPD activities on the 4th of August 2003. They are being assisted by MERLIN, which also provides mobile clinic services to two camps (SDA School and Methodist School). The Oriental Timber Company hospital staff have started cleaning up the premises for possible resumption of activities.

The major health problems reported at the two facilities presently offering services are malaria, diarrhea, malnutrition in children, epilepsy and ARI.

Both the Catholic Clinic and the Liberian Government Hospital reported drug shortage. They emphasized the lack of antibiotics, Phenobarbital for epileptic patients etc. The Catholic Clinic has TB drugs. However, the Government Hospital reported the looting of TB drugs and the microscope and supplies for AFB test.

The TB/Leprosy Control Staff report 7 suspected new cases and 20 old patients that have reported for treatment.

Sanitation: The Liberian National Red Cross (LNRC) is actively involved in basic sanitation especially the burial of corpses. There are 1782 open wells and hand pumps in Buchanan. The County Senior Environmental Health Supervisor reported that the last mass chlorination of wells was in June 2003. Both the LNRC and Environmental Health Section of the County Health Team recommend chlorination. The LRNC has the capacity to carry out chlorination.

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