Emergencies preparedness, response

WHO consultation on priority public health interventions before and during an influenza pandemic

27 April 2004


  • Surveillance for pandemic preparedness
    pdf, 68kb

    Underlying principles
    Objectives and attributes of the surveillance system
    Strengthening national and international surveillance activities
    Recommendations and conclusions
    Table 1: Recommended objectives, methods, and activities for surveillance at different phases
  • Public health interventions (pdf, 77k)
    pdf, 1.87Mb

    Assumptions and guiding principles
    Sources of guidance
    Recommendations and conclusions
    Table 1: Measures at the national level
    Table 2: Measures at the international level
  • Antivirals – their use and availability
    pdf, 42kb

    An important role constrained by limited supplies
    Use at different phases
    Improving availability
    Recommendations and conclusions
  • Better vaccines – better access -
    pdf, 38kb

    Obstacles to development, production and licensing
    Obstacles to effective and equitable delivery
    Strategies and priority actions: expand and expedite production
    Strategies and priority actions: increase equitable access
    Recommendations and conclusions
  • Annexes
    pdf, 79kb

    Phases in the progression towards a pandemic as a guide to levels of alert and preparedness
    Recent WHO documents on influenza and influenza pandemic preparedness
    List of participants