Click a Brick - for safe hospitals
World Health Organization - Regional Office for South-East Africa
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Make a pledge for safe hospitals

Governments in South-East Asia have committed to ensuring health facilities, old or new, are safe from disasters.

By reacting, you can help us ensure governments honour their commitment and ACT NOW to prevent future, needless, loss of life.

We call one 1 million people to support us in moving governments from words to action.

Everyone has an important role to play in making their hospital safe:


  • React and provide your support to our call for action
  • Spread the word about the need for safe hospitals
  • Find out how safe your local health facilities are: are they disaster resistant buildings? Do they keep non-structural facilities secured? Do they have regular staff training for emergencies?
  • Lobby your local political representative to ensure your local health facilities are safe.


  • Legislate and enforce policies that protect hospitals during disasters, such as introduction of building codes.
  • Build health facilities on a safe site and use correct design and constructions methods
  • Integrate emergency preparedness and care into the hospital’s operations
  • Assess the safety of existing health facilities.
  • Increase public awareness about the need to make heath facilities safe and functional in emergencies

Financial Institutes and Donors

  • Integrate safety and emergency preparedness measures in all health construction projects, including hazard and vulnerability assessments.
  • Work with the government to enforce land use planning and building codes.
  • Promote research on the economics of making hospitals safe in emergencies.