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WHOFIC Implementation Database


The Classification Implementation Database contains information on implementation of members of the WHO Family of international Classifications (WHO-FIC) in WHO Member States.  Content currently focuses on ICD. 

The Classification Implementation Database includes dimensions proven relevant to implementation reviewing a 40 year history of implementation assessment:  Uses, IT infrastructure, coverage, and barriers to implementation.

Key informants of the relevant countries edit and update the information that was dispersed in different bases and studies. 

The information shall guide capacity building and information sharing towards better health information.

You may download the implementation data and metadata from the links below

The Data as a comma delimited file with each country represented as one row
The Metadata / Codebook: Variables and value labels for the data file
The Data with Labels: Same as the data but instead of numerical values we have readable labels.
Countries: The list of country codes used in the data
Languages: The list of language codes used in the data
Questionnaire: Main questionnaire template that is used to collect some of the information in the database