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Information on registering and signing in

You may use the ICD-11 browser without registration. However, registered users of the browser can perform the following functions in addition to browsing and searching the ICD11 content

  • Contribute to the development of ICD11 by commenting on the content as well as answering some questions
  • Make proposals that suggest changes in the classification or enhance the content in it
  • Read other users' comments or proposals
  • Access to PDF versions of the classification that they can print

You may click the [Log In] link to sign in to the system. If you don't already have an account, it's very easy to setup one using the same link.

Signing in with Third party login

We allow signing in using several third party account providers such as Google, Yahoo and myOpenID. This is achieved by using a system called OpenID.

To sign in with a third part provider all you have to do is clicking on the icon of the provider in the logon page and enter your user id and password. You may setup the system to remember the login details so that you don't need to enter it again every time you sign in

An OpenID is a way of identifying yourself no matter which web site you visit. It also simplifies signing in. With OpenID you only have to remember one username and one password. That's because you log into websites with your OpenID, so your OpenID is the only thing you have to make secure.

With this system you give your password to your OpenID provider, and then your provider tells us that you are who you say you are. No website other than your provider ever sees your password. For example, if you sign in to our system using your Google account your password is checked by Google and we only receive the information that you've signed in successfully or not.