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Information on registering and signing in

You may use the ICD-11 browser without registration. However, registered users of the browser can perform the following functions in addition to browsing and searching the ICD11 content

  • Contribute to the development of ICD11 by commenting on the content as well as answering some questions
  • Read other users' comments
  • Access to PDF versions of the classification that they can print

You may click the [Log In] link to sign in to the system. If you don't already have an account, it's very easy to setup one using the same link.


You may contribute to the ICD11 development in several different ways

  1. Commenting
  2. You may comment on any entity (category) in the classification as well as reply to existing comments. Your comments can be about the whole category or you may comment on one particular property such as the definition, title, an inclusion term, etc.

  3. Answering our Single Assessment Questions
  4. We ask some questions regarding the quality of the content in the classification. You may send your feedback by answering them

  5. Proposals
  6. We are planning to have a more elaborate proposal mechanism in which the users will be able to propose changes or fill the gaps in the classification. This feature is not available at the moment

Contributions are open to registered users only. You may register easily to our system by following the Log In link above

Both commenting and Single Assessment Questions are available only when browsing the foundation component. i.e. commenting buttons, etc. will not show up when you browse a linearization

Information about contributors

Some basic information (Name, organization or affiliation and country) about the contributors are available when seeing contributions (comments, etc.) The linked-in public profile is also visible if available.

user info

Setting up an image

You could have an image of yourself visible when people click on your name near your contributions. To do that you need to create an avatar at using the email address that you've used in your user profile.

Setting up an image is optional.