List of Documents for the WHOFIC 2006 Meeting in Tunis, Tunisia
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A01Provisional agenda
A02Time table
A03List of participants
C101Planning Committee Status Report 2006
C102 Planning Committee Report
C200IC and EC plenary meeting agenda
C201Annual report of the WHOFIC Implementation Committee 2006
C202ICD training support for information paradox countries
C203 Implementation Committee Final Report
C300Education Committee Agenda
C301WHOFIC Education Committee Status Report 2005-2006
C302Education of certifiers
C303Collaboration between IFHRO and the Education Committee
C304Orientation Session Agenda
C305 Education Committee Final Report
C400Family Development Committee Agenda
C401 Family Development Committee Annual Report
C402 Family Development Committee Minutes
C403Avenues for the future management of interventions classifications at the international level
C404Process analysis on health care episodes by ICPC2
C406Development of ICD-10 Thai Modification in Thailand
C407The WHO Family of International Classifications
C408ICTM proposal
C409Primary Care Classification - Report of the WHO-WICC working group
C410Development of an Australian Mental Health Intervention Classification + Annex
C411 Report from the Hospital Data Working Group
C500Electronic Tools Committee Agenda
C501Electronic Tools Committee Annual report 2006
C502Electronic versions of ICD-10 - Files, formats, functions
C503Maintenance and Publication Tool for WHO-FIC Classifications
C504How to migrate to ClaML
C505 Electronic Tools Committee minutes
C600 Update and Revision Committee - Agenda
C601Update and Revision Committee - Annual report
C602Update and Revision Committee - Future Directions
C603 Update and Revision Committee Final Report
P01Australian Collaborating Centre for the Family of International Classifications Annual report
P05Collaborating Centre for German Annual Report 2006
P06Japan Country report 2006
P08Nordic Centre Annual report 2006
P09North American Centre Annual Report
P10112th NACC conference on ICF update
P107ICF-CY a universal tool for practice policy and research
P109Limited Independence as a Predictive Risk Factor
P110Universal Independence versus Limited Independence
P113Linked libraries of ICF powerpoint presentations
P114Optimizing and leveraging opportunities for ICF education
P115A structured collection of information, experiences and comments on ICF
P116ICF in health outcome evaluation
P117Routine health information systems
P24Regional Office for Europe Annual Report 2006
R101Mortality Reference Group Annual Report
R102Annual Report 2006 of the Mortality Forum
R103Language Standardization for Mortality Coding
R301Compilation of papers for the Functioning and Disability Reference Group
R302 FDRG work groups report
R303 FDRG minutes
R304 FDRG Report
Posters (one zip file 27MB)
Presentations (one zip file 8.8 MB)
ICTM presentation and the movie. (one zip file 10MB)