Essential medicines for children

Tuberculosis treatment in children

The latest evidence-based dosing recommendations replace previous recommendations which were deemed to provide inadequate therapeutic levels. Available products on the market do not cover the new dosages, but can be used as an interim measure until appropriate products are developed.

Make medicines child size

Improving child health is a global priority. Access to simple, affordable medicines could prevent or treat the conditions which cause more than 8.1 million deaths of children under five each year.

WHO assists countries in improving access to and use of safe and appropriate medicines for children. Through advocacy we aim to raise awareness of the need for safe, effective and appropriate medicines for children. Working in partnerships, we endeavour to improve regulatory and licensing procedures and advance research and development. We publish information and guidelines to support policy makers and health-care workers in providing the right medicines to children.

Country work on better medicines for children

India, Ghana and The United Republic of Tanzania have been implementing the Better Medicines for Children project with the objective of improving access to and use of appropriate medicines for children.

WHO Model List of Essential Medicines for Children

The last meeting of the Expert Committee on Selection and Use of Medicine took place in Geneva, Switzerland in 20-24 April 2015. Updates were made to the Model List of Essential Medicines for Children.




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