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Kangaroo Mother Care Conference

Thu, 2012-11-22
Ahmedabad, Gujarat state, India
Hosting organization: 
International Network on KMC

IX International Conference on Kangaroo Mother Care
22-25 November 2012

The International Network on KMC holds a conference every alternate year with the main objective of promoting current research, knowledge transfer, building up proper attitudes and universalize the proper practice all over the world including the developing countries with limited resources where KMC should be the prime philosophy of care of Low Birth Weight Infants so that maximum benefit can be achieved. India, with her globally highest burden of almost 9 million low birth weight babies is the most suited venue for holding this important convention for the first time in any of the developing countries of the world, particularly South East Asia, in the city of Ahmedabad with its unique distinction of being the first city in India to introduce the practice and study of KMC.