Promoting Access to Medical Technologies and Innovation
Intersections Between Public Health, Intellectual Property and Trade
A WHO, WTO and WIPO publication
World Health Organization
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Anglais     2012        257   pages
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Medical technologies - medicines, vaccines and medical devices - are essential for public health. Access to essential medicines and research to address neglected diseases have been a major concern for many years. More recently, the focus of health policy debate has broadened to consider how to promote innovation and how to ensure equitable access to all vital medical technologies.

Today's health policy-makers need a clear understanding both of the innovation processes that lead to new technologies and of the ways in which these technologies are disseminated in health systems. This study seeks to reinforce the understanding of the interplay between the distinct policy domains of health, trade and intellectual property, and of how they affect medical innovation and access to medical technologies. It captures a broad range of experience and data in dealing with the interplay between intellectual property, trade rules and the dynamics of access to, and innovation in, medical technologies. A collaborative effort by the World Health Organization, the World Intellectual Property Organization and the World Trade Organization draws together the three Secretariats respective areas of expertise.

The study is intended to inform ongoing technical cooperation activities undertaken by the three organizations and to support policy discussions. Based on many years of field experience in technical cooperation, the study has been prepared to serve the needs of policy-makers who seek a comprehensive presentation of the full range of issues, as well as lawmakers, government officials, delegates to international organizations, non-governmental organizations and researchers.