Health Literacy. The Solid Facts
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Kickbusch, I., Pelikan, J.M., Apfel, F., Tsouros, A.D.
WHO Regional Office for Europe
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Anglais     2013        80   pages
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As societies grow more complex and people are increasingly bombarded with health information and misinformation, health literacy becomes essential. People with strong health literacy skills enjoy better health and well-being, while those with weaker skills tend to engage in riskier behaviour and have poorer health.

With evidence from the recent European Health Literacy Survey, this report identifies practical and effective ways public health and other sector authorities and advocates can strengthen health literacy in a variety of settings, including educational settings, workplaces, marketplaces, health systems, new and traditional media and political arenas.

The report can be used as a tool for spreading awareness, stimulating debate and research and, above all, for informing policy development and action.