Reproductive Health Indicators
Guidelines for their Generation, Interpretation and Analysis for Global Monitoring
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World Health Organization
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Anglais     2006        63   pages
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Sexual and reproductive health is key to enhancing development. Hence, major international conferences and summits aiming to promote development including the 1994 International Conference of Population and Development (ICPD) and the Millennium Summit in 2000 have set a range of goals and targets related to sexual and reproductive health. To monitor progress towards the achievement of these goals and targets, a set of indicators have been identified by experts.

This book presents 17 key indicators of sexual and reproductive health outcomes and those that measure access to or use of sexual and reproductive health services. It briefly reviews the theoretical and practical considerations related to indicators, and presents definitions, data sources, collection methods, periodicity of collection, disaggregation, use, limitations and common pitfalls for each of the included indicators. National public health administrators and health programme managers would find this book useful in undertaking standardized monitoring and evaluation of their sexual and reproductive health targets and goals. Standardization of monitoring and evaluation at the country level will facilitate monitoring of progress at the global level.