Alcohol, Gender and Drinking Problems
Perspectives from Low and Middle Income Countries
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Obot, I.S., Room, R.
World Health Organization
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Anglais     2005        235   pages
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This book is the product of a multinational research project on "Gender, Alcohol and Culture: an International Study" (GENACIS). GENACIS is a major collaborative effort to highlight the relationship between gender and alcohol issues, seek greater understanding of male and female differences in patterns of drinking and alcohol problems, and assess the public health implications of drinking by men and women.

Each of the eight country-specific chapters in this volume consists of a review of alcohol and alcohol policy in the country and an analysis of social and health problems associated with drinking. For several of the countries, this is the first systematic attempt to provide a broad insight into gender issues and how they relate to alcohol problems. In an era of growing consumption and increasing burden of alcohol-related problems in many developing countries, the findings reported in this book and the GENACIS project in general, are a major step forward in our understanding of the role of gender in alcohol behaviours.

"This volume contains a treasure chest of interesting material on patterns and contexts of drinking and the prevalence and nature of alcohol-related problems... What makes the book particularly interesting is the way in which the authors go beyond simply presenting data on gender-specific differences, but also discuss the socio-cultural factors that influence the context within which drinking occurs and how this impacts on drinking behaviour among men and women and associated problems... This book contributes indirectly to the broader debate about the kinds of interventions that are likely to be most effective in addressing alcohol abuse..."
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