Sun Protection- Sun Protection and Schools - Evaluating School Programmes
A Primary Teaching Resource - How to Make a Difference - To Promote Sun Protection
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Children are more sensitive to ultraviolet (UV) radiation damage than adults, and sunburn during childhood increases the risk of skin cancer and eye damage (particularly cataracts) later in life, and suppress the immune system.
This teaching resource aims to provide primary school teachers with a starting point to incorporate sun protection into the curriculum and school activities. Realizing the general shortage of time and financial resources, the suggested materials and activities are intended to help teachers address sun protection without much extra time or preparation. The resource draws heavily on the experience of the SunSmart Campaign schools programme in Australia, and the SunWise school programme in the United States.
This comprehensive package of materials for children s sun protection education includes: - Sun Protection and Schools: How to make a difference, which describes the importance of sun protection in schools, and outlines necessary steps for establishing a school programme
- Sun Protection: A primary teaching resource, which is for primary school teachers and provides suggestions and ready-made teaching activities.
- Evaluating School Programmes to Promote Sun Protection, which is for schools, and educational and health authorities.
Additional information, teaching resources, and activities can be obtained from the list of sun protection school programmes and interactive websites for children listed in the annexes.