Control Technology for the Formulation and Packing of Pesticides
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World Health Organization
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Anglais     1992        79   pages
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Describes the ways in which current technologies and managerial procedures can be used to control the occupational health hazards inherent in the formulation and packing of pesticides. Measures needed to protect the general public and the environment surrounding the plant are also described. Primarily addressed to developing countries that are establishing or expanding their industrial bases, the book emphasizes the many advantages gained when control technologies are introduced at the design stage.
Information is presented in six chapters. To facilitate understanding of the basic principles and concepts of hazard control and worker protection, the opening chapters describe the sequence of operations in the preparation of dry and wet formulations, and list the eighteen most common sources of occupational exposure according to the operation where the exposure is most likely to occur. The third chapter discusses the general principles of control technology, covering administrative controls, engineering controls, and the essentials of contingency planning for emergency situations.
The most extensive chapter provides a detailed description of various technologies for controlling occupational health hazards in pesticide formulation plants at four different stages. Details range from a discussion of the advantages of a central vacuum system to line drawings illustrating good, bad, and best ventilation systems for protecting workers during specific operations. The remaining chapters explain how monitoring, warning, and evaluation programmes, including preventive health examinations, contribute to the proper functioning of a control system, and outline basic principles for the safe storage, transport, and disposal of pesticides. The book concludes with an explanation of criteria used for the classification of pesticides by hazard.