Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, Vol. 18 No. 12, 2012
Trilingual edition English/French/Arabic
WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean
WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean
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.     2012        84   pages
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The EMHJ was launched in 1995 as a peer-reviewed medical journal. Starting January 2010, the Journal has been given a new format and is now published monthly. The EMHJ serves as a forum for the dissemination of biomedical information through the publication of scientific research papers on a range of topics related to public health, with particular relevance to the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

In this month's issue:Diabetes or war? Incidence of and indications for limb amputation in Lebanon, 2007; Obesity, overweight and underweight among adults in an urban community in Yemen; Value systems and locus of control of people undergoing aesthetic surgery and their application in the work environment: a case study in Cyprus; Have neonatal mortality rates in the state of Qatar become static? A PEARL study analysis; Prevalence and socioeconomic determinants of dental sealant use among schoolchildren in Saudi Arabia; Dengue vector control and surveillance during a major outbreak in a coastal Red Sea area in Sudan; Étude préliminaire sur la prévalence de Campylobacter dans les diarrhées infantiles au nord du Liban; Delivery of health services in Arab countries: a review; Access and barriers to health care delivery in Arab countries: a review; Health services to groups with special needs in the Arab world: a review; Screening for neonatal hearing loss in the Eastern region of United Arab Emirates; Frequency of haemoglobinopathies: a single-centre, cross-sectional study from Islamabad, Pakistan; Bartter syndrome presenting as poor weight gain and dehydration in an infant.