Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal, Vol. 18 No. 7, 2012
Trilingual edition English/French/Arabic
WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean
WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean
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.     2012        112   pages
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The EMHJ was launched in 1995 as a peer-reviewed medical journal. Starting January 2010, the Journal has been given a new format and is now published monthly. The EMHJ serves as a forum for the dissemination of biomedical information through the publication of scientific research papers on a range of topics related to public health, with particular relevance to the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

In this month's issue: Documentation of ethical conduct of human subject research published in Saudi medical journals; Research priorities in medical education in the Eastern Mediterranean Region; Hepatocellular carcinoma in Yemeni patients: a single centre experience over an 8-year period; Needle stick injury among interns and medical students in the Occupied Palestinian Territory; Cross-sectional study of frequency and factors associated with stethoscope cleaning among medical practitioners in Pakistan; Characteristics of physicians practising in Lebanon: a survey; Overweight/obesity and hypertension in schoolchildren aged 6 16 years, Aden governorate, Yemen, 2009; Epidemiological study on tobacco smoking among university students in Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic; Prehypertension among young adult females in Dammam, Saudi Arabia; Association between modifiable lifestyle factors and inflammatory markers in patients with metabolic syndrome; Validity and reliability of haemoglobin colour scale and its comparison with clinical signs in diagnosing anaemia in pregnancy in Ahmedabad, India; Les moles hydatiformes partielles au Maroc : étude épidémiologique et clinique; Insecticide susceptibility status of the malaria vector Anopheles arabiensis in Khartoum city, Sudan: differences between urban and periurban areas; Impact of health education on community knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards solid waste management in Al Ghobeiry, Beirut; Attending to women s sexual health in Bahrain: does physician s gender make a difference?.