Bulletin of WHO Vol. 91, No. 10, 2013
Bulletin OMS
World Health Organization
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.     2013        79   pages
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The Bulletin of the World Health Organization is an international journal of public health with a special focus on developing countries. Since it was first published in 1948, the Bulletin has become one of the world's leading public health journals. As the flagship periodical of the World Health Organization (WHO), the Bulletin draws on WHO experts as editorial advisers, reviewers and authors as well as on external collaborators.

In this month's issue: Elimination of sleeping sickness hindered by difficult diagnosis; Health rights in the post-2015 development agenda: including non-nationals; Variations in catastrophic health expenditure estimates from household surveys in India; Economic evaluation of neonatal care packages in a cluster-randomized controlled trial in Sylhet, Bangladesh;Hospital payment systems based on diagnosis-related groups: experiences in low- and middle-income countries; Smoking-attributable mortality in Bangladesh: proportional mortality study; A cross-sectional community study of post-traumatic stress disorder and social support in Lao People's Democratic Republic; Prevalences of dementia and cognitive impairment among older people in sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review; Infection surveillance after a natural disaster: lessons learnt from the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011; Towards a framework convention on global health; Measuring maternal health: focus on maternal morbidity.