WHO global report on traditional and complementary medicine 2019
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World Health Organization
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This report is structured in five parts: national framework for traditional and complementary medicine (T&CM); product regulation; practices and practitioners; the challenges faced by countries; and, finally, the country profiles. Apart from the section on practices and practitioners, the report is consistent with the format of the report of the first global survey in order to provide a useful comparison. The section on practices and practitioners, which covers providers, education and health insurance, is a new section incorporated to reflect the emerging trends in T&CM and to gather new information regarding these topics at a national level. All new information received has been incorporated into individual country profiles and data graphs.

The report captures the three phases of progress made by Member States; that is, before and after the first WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy (1999?2005), from the first global survey to the second global survey (2005?2012) and from the second survey to the most recent timeline (2012?2018).